King Catnip. The Finest In All The Land Lovingly handmade in
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100% Organic North American Catnip Toys

Filled with 100% organic North American catnip, the finest in all the land! Our catnip has a strong aromatic fragrance and is ethically sourced. North American catnip is widely regarded as the worlds best due to the location having the perfect climatic conditions for the plant.

We hand pick the farms to make sure we get the best of the best. In our toys we only use catnip leaf, which is far more attractive to cats than the generic dust that is widely used in other brands. These toys are also hand made in the UK and the USA.

King Cat Sleeping

Loose Catnip

Naturally encourages play, energetic behaviour and a sense of wellbeing. Ideal for sprinkling on to your cat’s toys, scratchers or bedding. Catnip is a safe non-toxic addition to promote playful behaviour.

Loose Catnip

Cat Enhancements

A natural, non-toxic range of products to enhance your cat's environment.

Catnip Chews

Catnip Treats

A highly digestible range of natural treats containing catnip from the hills of North America. Packed full of protein, they’re also low in fat and contain no sugar so are ideal as a healthy training treat or reward.

King Catnip feasties

Why King Catnip?

All of our products are designed to stimulate the senses and awaken a cat’s natural instincts. We try to ensure that all our materials and products are ethically sourced, using organic materials wherever possible.

We use market research to help us develop product ranges, items that will enrich and reward your cat and their environment. Helping to promote a closer bond between you and your pet.

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